Memorial Day Activity

Memorial Day Activity

Please read the instructions below. This assignment is due on Tuesday May 26th.

This activity is for all grades so parents/guardians please assist young children as needed.


Please view the Youtube video using the link below. 
After you view it, be sure to click on “Show More” under the video to see more info about Memorial Day.

(* Note: On mobile devices, there is a downward-facing triangle icon on the right side instead of Show More)

Then read the five activity questions and email your answers to me, Mr. Boffi.

Answers to questions can be emailed to me at

Please include child’s name, school, and class/grade.


What Is Memorial Day Video For Kids & Preschoolers


Questions (20 points each)     Due Tuesday May 26th


1 Memorial Day used to be called Decoration Day.  Why did they call it Decoration Day?


2 What is the official flower of Memorial Day?


3 When is Memorial Day Observed?

4 Why do we celebrate Memorial Day?


5 How did the music in the video make you feel?