Remote Learning Expectations


Students and parents are reminded to carefully read and familiarize themselves with the Remote Learning Expectations Document that has recently been formalized by district. 

Student Expectations • Students will attend all regularly scheduled classes. • Students should log in to Microsoft Teams five (5) minutes prior to the start time of their scheduled classes to ensure they are logged in and ready when class begins. • Students will log onto Microsoft Teams using their six-digit student ID as the username and their birthdate (two digits for the month, two digits for the day, four digits for the year-02192016 for a student born February 19, 2016) for the passcode. During the year, some passcodes may need to be changed. • Students are expected to have the video on their device on and be visible to the teacher. The teacher may show students how to use the feature that blurs the background. Students may be permitted to use a photo, an appropriate avatar or emoji of themselves in place of the live video, at the teacher’s discretion. • Students will continue to follow the current Code of Conduct for in person and remote instruction. • Students will utilize the features in Microsoft Teams per teacher’s direction and approval. • Students will learn to use digital classroom features such as "raising" their hands. The teacher will mute student microphones while the teacher or other classmates are speaking. • Students are prohibited from recording the live sessions/classes in any media application. • Students will comply with teacher’s requests to attend extra help sessions or individual teacherstudent conferences or break out rooms in the Microsoft Team Channel. • When scheduled, students will work with counselors, reading or resource teachers or other support staff when these professionals request a meeting. • Students will complete and submit work aligned with the districtwide grading policy and teacher expectations. Parent/Guardian Expectations • Parents will notify the teachers and/or administration via phone or email of any restrictions that students may experience with regard to access to technology, Internet connectivity, and appropriate learning environments. • Parents will ensure that students adhere to the daily schedule and attend all live lessons as indicated. It is recommended that students log on five minutes prior to the start of each class, except for students who do not have their own device, share with family member, or need assistance from parent upon returning from work. • Parents will notify the school if students are unable to attend classes due to illness or other excusable absences by emailing the teacher, administrator, or school nurse. • If there are any technological issues affecting student access to remote learning instruction, the parent will email or call the teacher, administrator or the District Tech Hotline 914-376-8637. • Parents will utilize district resources in order to become familiar with how to monitor student progress, access technology, and utilize video communication platforms (for instance Microsoft Teams, Zoom, WebEx, Seesaw). This will allow parents to provide general assistance to students as well as for parents to participate in school meetings. • Parents will notify teachers or administrators with any questions or concerns that may arise. • Parents will honor classroom confidentiality, counseling session norms, and privacy laws by not participating directly in classroom instruction and/or assessments taken by students. However, parents may support students in accessing technology. • Parents are prohibited from recording the live instructional sessions in any media application or personal device. • Parents will comply with the Yonkers Public Schools Code of Conduct, technology acceptable use policy and any other applicable policies during all times when students are participating in online remote instruction. Parents shall remain cognizant of the fact that any disruptions during remote learning interfere with the educational process. Tech Helpline – 914-376-8637 -