2020-2021 # 1

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year!

I am Ms. Franks, your Living Environment Regents/ Environmental Studies  Teacher.

To access assignments,  Daily class meetings, virtual lessons, contact me, you must go through Mircosoft TEAMS


Attendance will be recorded daily, when you come to TEAM meetings.  If you cannot attend please send me a message via teams, remind or email saying why you cannot attend. Then I will let you know what you can do to get credit for that day.  YOU MUST DO THIS  WITHIN 1 Day of BEING ABSENT.


How do you access TEAMS.  

step 1: go to school website ( yay! you are here)

step 2: click on the Office 365 icon  ( its the laptop, just scroll down )

step 3: sign in with your school email (your id # @yonkerspublic schools.org) 

your password is your 8 digit  birthdate

(2 digits for the month, 2 for the year and 2 for the day , and 4 for the year)