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Attention All Resource Students!!!

Please continue to log onto your core and non-core teacher class pages to complete the assignments that are posted there.  Make sure you are following up and communicating with your teachers!!! Complete any past due work in courses you received an Incomplete in no later than May 27th to ensure your teacher has time to grade it and change your grade.  In addition, make sure you are keeping current with 4th quarter assignments.

Please check your email or check in on our Resource Team page.  If you need assistance, send me an email or a text message :-)  

**NOTE: Assignments posted and online work hours required by your teachers will count toward your 4th quarter grades.  Work must be completed or zeroes will be calculated.  This is an excellent opportunity to implement the time management and organizational skills you will need for college.  Use your time wisely, prepare yourself during your time off, and keep your work organized!!**

 Quote for the week: "Be a bold pop of color in a black and white world."

My schedule is as follows:

05/22/20, I'm available from 11:30AM - 3:00PM

05/25/20 Memorial Day

05/26/20, I'm available from 10:00AM - 2:00PM

05/27/20, I will be available from 8:00AM - 12 Noon.

05/28/20 through the end of the school year, daily hours will be 10:00AM through 2:00PM (unless otherwise noted).

Thank you for your commitment, dedication and cooperation! We can do this,together!


Memorial Day Assignment: Memorial Day has traditionally been an opportunity to commemorate and honor the sacrifices our armed service men and women have made toward the security and freedom of this country.  Would you support, or oppose, any measure adding our medical professionals to that celebration, given our reference to the COVID-19 pandemic, as 'a war.' 

In a well-written multi-paragraph essay, or in a power point presentation of 6+ slides, indicate your position (for or against) and your rationale.  Include any relevant facts and information to support your stand, and appropriately cite refernces.  This assignment is due no later than May 26th at 8:00PM.