Monday, March 30, 2020

Monday, March 30, 2020

I will be available: Monday-Friday 9:00-12:30

Daily Calendar Work

Math Group A

Math Group B

Sight Words Set 1

Sight Words Set 2

I am Working For

Washing Hands

The Bounce Bunny- Also in packet

Monday, March 30, 2020

 Hope everyone is doing well. I was so happy to see that many of you have been able to log onto EPIC Reading. If you have not yet done so, please do. If you are having trouble, please let me know. You should have recieved another packet in the mail, I sent it on Wednesday. All of theh work is enclosed in packet and has also been uploaded.  Over the next few weeks:

Complete Daily Calendar Work - 2x this week. You can do it everyday if you would like. 

EPIC Reading

Math: Complete 1 sheet of math everyday

ELA:Complete 1 sheet of ELA everyday.

Sight Word Recognition: work on set 1 & 2. Print, cut, and practice matching word to picture or word to word. 

Life Skills: Read Washing Hands Booklet and complete the activity at the end. There is also a visual for washing hands included that you can print and laminate to use in your home.

Behavior Support: I am Working For BoardThis is a Token Board Economy System- Have your child choose something they would like to work for from the visual page. Next, Have them earn the item/activity by completing the I am working for board. You can use check marks, happy faces, stickers, etc.. you may need to print out multiple sheets. You can always laminate and velcro the pieces for regular use.

 Please contact me with any questions or concerns. This week I will be sending you information regarding a free online math program. Please contniue to check the class page and your email.

Mrs. Roseann