Hello Scholars -- We have now moved completely to remote learning.

All work will be put  up on google classroom. If you are not on already - please do so immediatey

I will also be sending messages on REMIND for added information and to set up ZOOM conference classes

Send text 81010 for REMIND

English 11 Period 1/2

Class code: ybvfz2u

Remind class code : @mclean123


English 11 Period 4/5

Class code: tiawsl6

Remind class code: @mclean1234


Analytical Writing English 12

Class code:prshjbg

Remind class code:@supa123


Office Hours: 2pm-5:30pm

These are just suggested times. I am available whenever you need me. Just message me! 

Hope you are all keeping well!! We will definitely get through this together!!