Teacher Office Hours

During the extended break from regular school, YMHS teachers will each have 3 1/2 hours of designated "office" time.


Note: All of Mr. Robinson's assignments are listed on Microsoft Teams and can be completed within the platform by students.

Mr. Robinson's "office hours" will be from 8 am - 11:30 am Monday to Friday for the duration of the extended break from school. All contacts can be made to drobinson@yonkerspublicschools.org or within the chat features available for students on Microsoft Teams


In honor of Memorial Day students will complete a free write assignment in order to reflect upon the contributions of veterans. All responses should be e-mailed to Mr. Robinson at drobinson@yonkerspublicschools.org

The assignment is listed below...

Write 250 words in response to the following journal prompt:

"Do you think veterans are respected enough in the US? Explain why or why not"