PE Final Project (DUE 6-15-20)

Posted by CHRISTOPHER DUNN on 5/22/2020 9:00:00 AM

PE FINAL PROJECT (OPTIONS) for all grades.
DO ONLY ONE OF THESE...unless you want extra credit.
It's intent is to show the student the relationship of total calories eaten in a day and its effect on weight gain, weight loss or weight maintenance (staying the same). Be completely truthful, list EVERYTHING that goes in your mouth, even ketchup, a piece of candy, or a handful of almonds. Failure to record the calories of each food will result in a fail for the Final Project.
*Many people don't know why they are so "skinny," or "don't have the amount of muscle they want," or are carrying more weight than they know is healthy for them. There are many factors that affect this....The purpose of this is to not "put you on a diet." It's to help with your understanding of calories in the food you eat. 
 This can be typed or written on paper and forwarded to Mr. Dunn via email Those who completed the one day journal in APRIL, do not need to do a final project at all. Have a Great Summer! 🙂
*below is an abbreviated example
    Example of one day:  Breakfast (7:00am)
                                          food 1 (Cheerios with Milk, one bowl, 240 calories.)
                                          food 2, size, amount of calories.
                                          Snack (9:00am) 
                                          Lunch  """"""""""""""""
                                          Snack  """"""""""""""""
                                          Dinner  """"""""""""""""
OPTION 2: Complete a 7 day Exercise/fitness log (please add pictures if you can).
                    Each day you must log (record) on paper, typed or film 30 whole minutes of exercises. Each day                      must have 8 to 10 exercises. You can use others that we have not done in class. If your parents                        know of one that we haven't done in class that is also okay.
       note: "I ran around with my sister for 30 minutes is not an acceptable entry." Many of us have been                        together for multiple years. we have learned and performed many stretches and exercises                              during our Physical Education classes. 
workouts may include, BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO:
         Jumping Jack's, Straight Arm Planks, Core Hold Planks, Squats, Wall sit's (head back - shoulders back), Tires (or similar foot work) Bear Crawl, Crab walk, Push-up's, Sit-up's, Crunches, Arm Hanging (for time), Burpee's (aka Squat Thrust's), Mountain Climbers, Arm Circles, Leaps, Skips, Butterfly Stretch, Jogging, Shuttle Run's (from point A to Point B repeatedly.)
WORK OUT LOG EXAMPLE: (list by amount sets/reps and time)
      Day 1:  (30 min) of activity, 1 min rest, in-between ...or just go to the next right away for a challenge!
                   Jumping Jacks: (3 min) or 2 sets of 40
                   Planks: (2 min) or 2 sets of 40 to 60 seconds 
                   Mountain Climbers: 3 sets of 20 reps (4 Min)
                   Crab walks: (5 min)
                   Butterfly Stretch: (2 Min)
                   Arm Circles: 2 sets forward, 2 sets reverse (4 Min)
                   Wall Sits: 2 sets, 60 seconds each)
                   Skipping (3 min)
                   Hopping (3Min)
                   Jog (4 to 8 Min)
  • You can alter this workout plan anyway you want. Just make sure you get 30 min of activity in. Parents with Early Childhood students you can also modify this based on ability. Keep in mind to make it fun (my challenge every day 🙂 )
Lastly, If you want: You can do both Options. If this is completed BOTH, the student will pass Physical Education for the year regardless of past trimester marks.
Coach Dunn