Yonkers MBK Steering Committee

  • Superintendent of Yonkers Schools, Dr. Edwin M. Quezada, and Nepperhan Community Center’s Executive Director, Rev. Dr. Jim Bostic, have been designated by Mayor Mike Spano as co-chairs of the Yonkers MBK initiative. Dr. Quezada and Dr. Bostic are also members of the MBK Statewide Advisory Committee and are working diligently to impact the lives of young men of color in the City of Yonkers.

  • City of Yonkers, Business, Community and Social Service Organizations

    Mayor Mike Spano

    Rev. Dr. Jim Bostic, Executive Director
    Nepperhan Community Center

    Anthony Bailey
    The PowerLab

    Mike Brady, CEO

    Limarie Cabrera, Director of Data Analysis
    Westchester Children’s Association

    Tony Carizales, Associate Professor
    Marist College

    Jim Cavanaugh, Deputy Mayor
    City of Yonkers

    Judith Garcia-Carter, Director, Human Rights
    City of Yonkers

    Tajae Gaynor, Director
    Westchester and Rockland Mediation Centers, Cluster, Inc.

    Christina Gilmartin, Director of Communications
    Office of the Mayor

    Pastor James Hassell, Pastor
    Kingdom Christian Cultural Center

    Denise Holden, Education Chair
    NAACP - Yonkers

    Shawyn Howard, Executive Director
    YMCA of Yonkers

    Joseph Kenner

    Linda Pineda
    City of Yonkers

    Hope Coaxum
    City of Yonkers

    Det. Sgt. Charles Walker, President
    Yonkers Guardians Association

  • Yonkers Public Schools

    Dr. Edwin M. Quezada, Superintendent of Yonkers Public Schools

    Dr. Andrea Coddett, Deputy Superintendent

    RoseAnne Collins-Judon, Assistant Superintendent

    Dr. Corey Reynolds, Assistant Superintendent

    Dr. Angela Arias, Teacher

    Dr. Fred Hernandez, Principal

    Carl Jenkins, Teacher

    Gail Joyner-White, Principal

    Gregory Joyner, Program Coordinator

    Elie Moise, Teacher

    Adrienne Sanders, Communications Facilitator

    Jade Sharp, Principal

    Elaine Shine, Executive Director

    Vanessa Vasquez, Assistant Principal

    MBK High School Administrative Team

    Will Barrow, Assistant Principal

    Alexandria Connally, Assistant Principal

    Donald DeMatteo, Assistant Principal

    Sony Grandoit, Assistant Principal

    Sandy Hattar, Assistant Principal

    Ryan James, Assistant Principal

    Daryl Mack, Assistant Principal

    Angelo Petrino, Assistant Principal

    Christian Zambrano, Assistant Principal