The School Choice Process for September 2019

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Students Must Register By 1:00PM February 16, 2019 to Participate!

  • Families are encouraged to visit schools during School Choice Open House.Take a walk around the school. Meet our students, teachers and administrators. Ask questions and see for yourself the teaching and learning taking place. Elementary school visits require an appointment.

    Online School Choice 

    The Yonkers Public Schools offers your child and you many exciting educational options. The Online School Choice Process is a key component and takes place once a year. To take advantage of these opportunities, you must actively participate in the process. A Parent Assistance Center with knowledgeable staff and computers is available to assist parents/guardians at the Registration and Information Center at One Larkin Center. The school district reserves the right to place students based on the seating capacity, specific program, entrance requirements, proximity to the student’s home, and a sibling already in the school. 

    The School Choice Process and who must submit an Application? 

    School Choice Application information is mailed to currently enrolled students in the following categories: 

    • Sixth grade students at prekindergarten to grade 6 schools, except for those at Montessori School 27 and Montessori School 31 who are automatically assigned to Yonkers Montessori Academy, and in 5th grade students at School 17 and Museum School 25 who are automatically assigned to Yonkers Middle High School. 
    • All eighth grade students except for those at Palisade Preparatory School and Yonkers Montessori Academy 
    • Students new to the District for September 

    All School Choice Applications must be completed online

    When will parents be notified about student placement for September? 

    The District notifies parents and students by mail of their September school assignment by the end of June. 

    Parents/guardians may appeal their child’s school assignment after the student’s school assignment letter has been received in the mail. All appeals are reviewed and processed based on the nature of the request and seat availability in the desired school and grade. The Appeal of School Assignment form must be completed online, and submitted by July 15. Computers and assistance are available to parents/guardians at the Registration and Information Center at One Larkin Center. If a seat becomes available, the family will be contacted by the Registration Department. If no seat is available, the student will be placed on a waitlist which will remain active until October 31 of the current academic year. 

    How are students placed in schools? 

    All school placements are made in accordance with the seating capacity of the school and the respective programs. Every effort will be made to give sibling preference provided that the sibling is duly registered for the Yonkers Public Schools and submits a School Choice Application during the official School Choice period. 

    Some highly selected schools may require a lottery for student assignments; these schools may change annually. The lottery is only available for online applications submitted during the School Choice Process for the school selected as the first (1st) choice. 

    NOTE: To participate in the School Choice Process, your child must be registered prior to commencement of the School Choice period. 

    There are two (2) types of preference given to applications submitted during the School Choice Process – sibling and attendance zone. 

    Sibling Preference 

    First preference is given to siblings of currently enrolled students based upon seat availability if the school is selected as the first choice on the official application. Siblings are defined as brothers or sisters living in the same household. Sibling preference does not apply to schools or programs that have entrance requirements or require special education placement. 

    Attendance Zone 

    Most schools have attendance zones. These schools give preference based upon seat availability to students living within the attendance zone of the school. Students are placed in schools according to the following factors: 

    School assignments for attendance zone schools are made in the following order: 

    • Eighty percent (80%) of the available seats will go to attendance zone students who request the school as their first choice. 
    • Twenty percent (20%) of the available seats will be made available to students from throughout the school district who request the school as their first (1st) choice. 

    For further information: Registration Department (914)-376-8050