Early Childhood Education

  • Early Childhood

    When children are young, they are learning sponges.  Every new experience, every word they learn, every behavior they adopt, is an investment in a more fruitful future. 

    Early childhood education is about honing and molding the holistic child, which will eventually form the basis of their lifelong journey.  Children have so much to learn about the world around them, their own capabilities and specific academic areas.  A love of education, for reading, learning, and discovering, takes root in preschool.

    Early childhood is the time to turn a curious child into an active, interested student who looks forward to going to school.  A love of learning that begins early starts a child down the road that leads to success in high school and beyond.   As they play, learn, make their own choices and socialize, children develop creative and critical thinking, as well as large and fine motor skills, through active, hands-on exploration.

    Yonkers Public Schools creates warm, nurturing early childhood learning environments, where each individual child can develop and learn.  We are committed to creating a foundation for success and excellence that begins with early childhood