Interscholastic Athletics Program

  • March 16, 2020

    Section One has postponed all practices, combined practices, scrimmages and contests until further notice. The status of spring sports will be reassessed on Monday, March 30, 2020

    A dynamic Interscholastic Athletic Program is vital to the educational and social development of students. The Yonkers Public Schools athletic program provides an environment where students develop sports skills, physical fitness, teamwork, sportsmanship and respect for others that will prepare them for success in their adult life. As team members, students are encouraged to face challenges, strive for excellence and become leaders.

    Every effort is made to support the athletic program with the best facilities, uniforms, equipment and with the most qualified coaching staff available. Coaches provide a sound, positive philosophy taught in a safe and healthy environment.

    The opportunity to participate in our sports program is afforded to eligible secondary students in grades 7-12, as the budget allows. More than 800 students participate in the interscholastic athletic program under the direction and supervision of approximately 200 qualified and certified coaches.

    Eligibility Standards For Interscholastic Athletics

    Before being permitted to try out, practice or participate in any interscholastic athletic activity, students must be enrolled in a Yonkers secondary school and fulfill each of the following requirements:

    According to the Commissioner’s Regulations, a pupil shall be eligible for inter-school competition in a sport during a semester provided that he/she is a bona fide pupil, enrolled during the first 15 days of the semester, is registered in the equivalent of four regular courses, and meets the physical education requirement.

    Practice Sessions

    All student-athletes must participate in the N.Y.S.P.H.S.A.A. required number of practices for that sport to be able to play in any athletic contest. Coaches are responsible for reviewing practice rules and for conducting practice sessions five or six days per week excluding game days.

    Parent/Guardian Consent Form

    A signed Parent/Guardian Consent Form must be completed and submitted to the coach before the start of each sports season.

    Medical Examination

    Each student will receive a medical examination from a New York State licensed physician or nurse practitioner and must obtain a signed Approval Form for Participation. All approvals for participation must indicate the sport or activity in which the student may participate.

    Health Status Review

    Students must have a Health Status Review performed by the school nurse. The school nurse conducts an interview to update the student’s health history unless a full medical examination has been given within the preceding thirty (30) days. Based on the results of the Health Status Review, a pre-physical and/or complete physical will be conducted whenever required.

    Medical Disqualification

    If a student is medically disqualified for participation in a given sport or activity, the examining physician must indicate the reasons for disqualification on the Physical Examination Card.


    The school district’s accident insurance coverage provides a fixed benefit schedule based on the nature of the injury. This coverage applies to all pupils engaged in school sponsored activities. This plan is a secondary, non-duplicating policy. If you have medical or dental insurance that covers your child, charges must be submitted to your primary insurance first. Submit the explanation of benefits or rejection from your carrier along with itemized bills to Pupil Benefits Plan, Inc. The school office will give you information about the claim form, benefits, time limits and instructions.

    Attendance Requirements

    Students absent from school may not practice or participate in athletics that day. Absences, cutting and lateness to class can result in the student being dropped from the team.

    Academic Eligibility Policy

    Students have to meet the following criteria:

    1. Must have a 70% average on his or her report card for the previous marking period
    2. Must maintain 90% attendance in all classes
    3. Must adhere to the District’s Code of Conduct for students
    4. Must pass physical education

    A student falling below in any of the above areas during the previous marking period will be placed on probation and may practice and play. A bi-weekly review of his or her progress will be conducted by the Athletic Director to determine participation status. The administrative liaison for athletics will review, verify and make the final determination with regard to playing status. If no improvement is evident, the student will be prohibited from playing until he or she meets the minimum requirements noted above.

    Responsibility for maintaining academic achievement, attendance and conduct rests primarily with the student-athlete and his or her parent/ guardian; coaches, teachers, guidance counselors and administrators all play important roles in the process.

    Coaches periodically check and monitor the academic status of student-athletes and work cooperatively with teachers to improve academic performance. If coaches have concerns about any aspect of the student-athlete’s academic commitment, they immediately collaborate with teachers and administrators.

    The importance of academic achievement is stressed during team meetings and in individual sessions with student-athletes.

    Alcohol and Drug Policy

    No student-athlete shall possess, use, transmit or be under the influence of any narcotic drug, hallucinogenic drug, amphetamine, barbiturate, marijuana or any other controlled substance, including anabolic steroids, or any alcoholic beverage, malt beverage or fortified wine or other intoxicating liquor, or possess, use or transmit drug paraphernalia or counterfeit drugs or possess, use transmit or be under the influence of any other chemicals or products with the intention of bringing about a state of exhilaration or euphoria or of otherwise altering the student’s mood or behavior.

    This policy shall apply to all student-athletes before, during and after school hours at the school, in any school building and on any school premises; on any school-owned vehicle or in any other school-approved vehicle used to transport students to and from school sports activities, off school property at any school-sponsored activity, event or function; or during any period of time when student-athletes are subject to the authority of school personnel.

    This policy shall not apply to the proper possession and use of prescription medication.