Reopening Central Office: Employee Guidelines for COVID 19

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     Reopening Central Office: Employee Guidelines for COVID 19

    COVID-19 has redefined the meaning of “normal” in the workplace The District stands ready to take appropriate action to assist all Board of Education employees safe return to the workplace.

    The COVID-19 crisis has reinforced the significant role of public education in our society and that schools are the heart of our community, not only for learning, but also for nutrition, safety and social emotional well-being.

    Throughout the crisis, Yonkers has shown its flexibility, skill and creativity in meeting the rapidly changing needs of students, families and staff. School districts are a subdivision of the State Government and are therefore deemed essential agencies per New York State Executive Order 202.8 and not subject to in-person restrictions, per Department of Health, Interim Guidance on Executive Orders issued for gatherings, public spaces, and public and private sectors entities during COVID-19, dated March 19, 2020.

    All Board of Education employees working at One Larkin Center are deemed essential employees.

    It is important to remember that the New York on PAUSE was put into effect, so as not to overwhelm the health care system. New York on PAUSE was not intended to remain in place until there is a cure for this virus.

    The information and protocols in this document are designed to maintain a safety work environment for Yonkers Board of Education employees, our children and families, and the business and community members who need to access the departments in One Larkin Center. The guidelines follow CDC, New York State and Westchester County Health Department guidance as well as other public resources regarding COVID-19 protocols for the workplace.

    Therefore, the key aspects contained in this document are protections for employees, changes to the physical workspace, identifying vulnerable employees, cleaning and disinfecting.

    This is a living document and it will continue to evolve as more guidance is provided by various government agencies, as well as ongoing review and assessment by the Superintendent of Schools, Senior Management and input from employees.