Unified Core Curriculum

  • The Yonkers Public Schools provides a strong academic and instructional program for all students. A unified core curriculum based on the New York State Common Core Learning Standards is followed throughout grades prekindergarten-12. All programs have been developed to help meet the individual learning needs and interests of students. Professional Development is provided to assist teachers in utilizing research-based practices to set curricula goals as well as prepare students for state and local assessments.

    Every child brings his or her own unique combination of interests, talents, and intelligences to the learning environment which are identified and developed through research-based instructional strategies. As a result, students assume the roles of artists, scientists, writers, philosophers, and architects, who produce and consume knowledge. Prekindergarten through grade 12 curricula design is innovative and standards-based. Instructional programs are accomplished through horizontal and vertical alignment as well as professional development. The instructional program awakens, nurtures and increases each child’s access, aspirations, achievement, and admission to college.