Academically Talented Programs

  • PEARLS students visit the Guggenheim

  • Our Academically Talented Programs provide identified academically talented students with a high quality, appropriate education that meets their special needs. Academically talented children are those who have demonstrated superior intellectual abilities with the potential to perform at levels that exceed Yonkers general academic standards. In addition, they have the potential to use abstract, creative, and productive thinking skills. These self-motivated children are also able to sustain high academic performance. Their unique abilities and characteristics require special social and emotional support from family, community, and school to maximize their multiple talents.

    The Yonkers Public Schools provides advanced academic programs which ensure a learning continuum and address the strengths, needs, and interests of academically talented students. The programs also support the unique needs of academically talented English Language Learners. The Yonkers Public Schools has adopted guidelines to ensure the programs and services offered are consistent with applicable New York State Standards and guidelines.

  • Contacts for Academically Talented Programs

    Pupil Support - PEARLS Program
    (914) 376-8189

    District Guidance - Century Honors Program
    (914) 376-8183

    Student Enrollment
    (914) 376-8050