Social Studies

  • The Social Studies K-12 curriculum is aligned with the New York State Social Studies Framework (2016) and the National C3 Standards (College, Career, and Civic Life). It is a robust curriculum that is inquiry based and develops deep content knowledge and 21st century skills, such as critical thinking and problem solving; examining conflict and resolution, cause and effect, and similarities and differences.

    It also provides a strong foundation in citizenship and civic readiness.

    The Social Studies program alignment to college and careers and the Regents exams, develops students’ understanding of patterns in history, turning points in history, change over time, and point of view.

    The study of Social Studies includes learning about significant ideas, people, places, eras, themes, and developments on local, regional, national and international stages and this includes the City of Yonkers. Historical inquiry and the integration of technology are important aspects in the curriculum. Students engage in active learning about the rights, roles and responsibilities of citizenship; government systems and structures; democracy; the Constitution and its foundation; and the historical foundation of the United States.

    The Social Studies curriculum includes the study of global issues, geography, and history. Throughout the PK-12 continuum, students learn the skills of gathering, interpreting and using evidence; analyzing cause and effect; comparing and contrasting; using geographic and historical reasoning; civic participation and economics and economic systems.

    The Yonkers Public Schools is a leader in the state in integrating Civic Readiness through its membership on the New York State Civic Readiness Commission and leadership in the Seal of Civic Readiness. During its first pilot year, 2021-2022, each of Yonkers’ eight high schools graduated students with this designation.

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