Welcome to the History of Yonkers Project - Embarking on an Historical Investigation

  • Yonkers History Project Showcase Event

    April 30, 2020

    Yonkers Middle High School Arena

    150 Rockland Ave, Yonkers

  • Welcome to The Yonkers History Project, an historical investigation of the fourth largest city in New York State. In this project, students will take on the role of historians as they investigate and closely examine local historical developments, movements, ideas, people and changes that have occurred in Yonkers over a period of time. The overarching theme of the unit of study is on transformation and the driving question to be applied to the unit of study is: Has Yonkers undergone a transformation?

  • In your study, the goal is to decide if Yonkers has been transformed (changed) by this event, historical development, movement, idea, person, etc?


    The Curriculum

    The Yonkers History Project is a unit of study that promotes students learning about their community in a way that integrates the content, skills, and practices included in the NYS Social Studies Framework and National C3 Inquiries (College, Career, Civic Readiness). It has been designed to provide teachers and students with choices and lessons that can be modified to fit your classrooms. It is an open-ended research investigation. There are no right answers and the process of historical inquiry that students engage in is as important as the final product.  Historical inquiry begins with a question that drives student research. Students will construct an argument about whether or not a meaningful, long-lasting change (transformation) has occurred or if there has not been a change. One of the values of this project is that students will be conducting original research, using a variety of sources. In the construction of their arguments about transformation, they will make many choices along the way. They will decide which sources are of value, they will develop questions that will help guide them, and they will provide feedback to their classmates using accountable talk structures. Finally, they will determine how to showcase their arguments and present them to an audience.

    The summative assessment in an inquiry involves displaying the answers or solutions to the question or the problem studied.  There are diverse ways to display the final projects (see possible project types). The final projects may be displayed in a classroom setting, the school, or in one of our local venues so that students may receive feedback on their work. While the projects are designed to foster collaboration and teamwork, the final reflection on the process and product however is individual and extremely important.

    Showcasing the work. The final showcase will occur in one of our schools in the spring where students will be able to display their work, discuss the process, and answer questions. Notable community dignataries will be present. Students will receive awards based upon the variety and quality of their research, the historical accuracy, and the creativeness of their projects.  For 2020, the showcase will be held on April 30th at Yonkers Middle High School.