Inquiry Based Learning

  • Aligned to the New York State P-12 Science Learning Standards, which are based off the Next Generation Science Standards, Yonkers science instruction engages students in scientific inquiry beginning in prekindergarten. Students in the elementary grades are introduced to science and engineering practices and use crosscutting concepts to develop inter-disciplinary connections. Hands-on activities and student-centered instruction allow students to develop their own observations and explanations for natural phenomena. Additionally, engineering activities develop students’ ability to problem solve, collaborate with peers, and develop solutions to real world situations.

    At the secondary level, grades 7 through 12, students continue to use the science and engineering practices and receive more specialized instruction in Earth Science, Living Environment, Chemistry, and Physics. Advanced science instruction is offered at selected high schools through Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate,

    Hands-on activities demonstrate the relevance of topics to their own lives, and provide the experience necessary to grow in skills related to applied science. Experiential learning attaches to environment, preservation and conservation, technology and engineering, health and medicine.

    College Link and Career and Technical Education classes. Completion of any combination of these courses prepares students to meet graduation requirements and the demands of a 21st century postsecondary education and workplace.