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      Guidance Counselors

    The YPS Counseling Department is a vital part of the social, career and academic supports provided to the students of the Yonkers Public Schools.  We are committed to working with our diverse population of students by providing each individual student with a supportive environment in which they can explore their interests, develop their skills, and research available college and career options. More specifically, the YPS Counseling Department provides students with opportunities to better understand themselves as they explore careers, develop employment readiness and interpersonal communication skills, and successfully complete academic requirements for graduation and for their future chosen trajectory. 

    Our role is to maximize student success by meeting with students, meeting with parents, and consulting with school faculty and staff. Our counselors also connect students to resources inside the school as well as connecting students to resources available throughout the community which often includes providing students with counseling referrals and a list of community service and volunteer opportunities.  



  •  YPS District Guidance Department                                                                                                                                                  914-376-8454