• Guidance Counseling Staff 2023-24

Our Mission Statement

  • The Mission of the Yonkers Public Schools's comprehensive school counseling program is to strive to prepare every student socially, academically, and emotionally for the present and future opportunities and challenges they encounter. Students are provided with opportunities to:

    1- Gain a deep understanding of self and others

    2- Participate in educational and occupational exploration

    3- Pursue career planning opportunities in an environment that is safe, caring, and encouraging.

    Counselors work in collaboration with all stakeholders, including students, educators, parents/guardians and community members of a global and diverse society. This comprehensive plan is an essential component that is integrated into the instructional program through which students have opportunities for academic, career, and personal/social development. To support this purpose, the school counseling program consists of purposefully planned, sequential programs that span from pre-kindergarten to grade twelve. The Yonkers Public Schools's counseling program is data-driven by the student's needs and outcome-based accountability measures that align the school counseling program with the overall academic mission.