Career & Technical Education

  • The District’s Career and Technical Education (CTE) Programs are constantly evolving to meet ever-changing industry standards. CTE supports Career, College and Civic Readiness and improves graduation rates. 

    Programs of study integrate rigorous academics and relevant career and technical skills. Through Career and Technical Education, students are able to assess their own abilities, explore relevant career options, and gain the vocational skills and real-world knowledge needed for jobs in meaningful technologically advanced sectors of the global economy. 

    CTE provides students with an understanding of workplace concepts, terminology and sector specific occupational situations. 

    At the elementary and middle school levels, students participate in career inventories as well as career exploration programs including Virtual Enterprise and Junior Achievement to name a few. High school students engage in comprehensive training in business, technology and occupational skills. 

    The New York State Career Development and Occupational Studies (CDOS) Learning Standards serve as the framework for the District’s programs. Classroom instruction is complemented by a wide range of real-world experiences, including work based learning, job shadowing, and mentoring from professionals in various industries. Beginning in grades 7 and 8, students also engage in the career planning process aided by an online career exploration and management program. 

    As students progress through their CTE program, they create a detailed Employability Profile which prepares them for either work or college. 

    A course on Career and Financial Management (CFM) is taught for every secondary career pathway. It provides students with career exploration, entrepreneurial/business management skills, and financial literacy. 

    The school district maintains a strong relationship with the local business community. Business partnerships provide our district with current industry standards, job market trends, in demand skills and the aforementioned real-world experiences. High schools have Advisory Boards to support career readiness forums and mentorships. 

    The Yonkers Advisory Council for CTE also supports Career and Technical Education at all secondary schools. Lincoln High School, Roosevelt High School – Early College Studies and Saunders Trades and Technical High School and are the only high schools that have NYSED CTE Program approval. 

    For adult learners, occupational education and employment preparation are available at Pathways to Success, the adult education program