Career & Technical Education

  • The Career and Technical Education (CTE) Programs of our District are constantly evolving to create an environment of unlimited opportunity. CTE increases the relevance of our students’ education, improves graduation rates in our high schools, and promotes college and career readiness. Through Career and Technical Education, students are able to assess their own abilities, explore relevant career options, and gain the vocational skills and real-world knowledge needed for high-demand, high-wage careers.

    CTE provides students with an understanding of workplace concepts, terminology and situations, utilizing the Rigor/Relevance Framework. Beginning at the elementary level, students are exposed to a wide variety of career options. Middle years students are provided with exploratory and pre-vocational experiences which allow them to gauge their interest in a variety of occupational fields. High school students engage in comprehensive training in business, technology and occupational skills. All Career and Technical Education is aligned with the revised New York State Common Core Standards.

    Classroom instruction is complemented by a wide range of real-world experiences, including internships, job shadowing and mentoring from professionals in various industries. Beginning in grades 7 and 8, students also engage in the career planning process aided by CareerZone, an online career exploration and management system which can be used through grade twelve. As students build their Career Portfolio/ Plan, they compile a detailed developmental history which is well-documented by the time they graduate.

    The school district maintains a strong relationship with the local business community. Business partnerships provide our district with current industry standards, job market trends, in-demand skills and the aforementioned real-world experiences. The Yonkers Advisory Council for CTE also supports Career and Technical Education at applicable schools. For adult learners, occupational education is available at Pathways to Success, the adult education program housed at Vive School.

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