Elementary/Middle Years Program Grades Prekindergarten – 8

  • PEARLS Hawthorne School Science Fair

  • Elementary/Middle Years Program Grades Prekindergarten – 8

    The PEARLS Program at PEARLS Hawthorne School is designed to meet the educational needs of academically talented students through a program which provides an enriched academic core curriculum with an emphasis on creativity, high-level thinking skills and experiential learning.

    Selection Process for PEARLS, Academically Talented Program

    Students entering prekindergarten and kindergarten are individually evaluated using a nationally normed standardized aptitude test (I.Q.).

    Students entering grades 1 through 8 are evaluated using multiple criteria: a nationally normed standardized test of school ability, the New York State Testing Program, teacher evaluations and report card grades.

    For students entering prekindergarten through grade 8 for the following year, parents MUST apply at the Information Center. Applications are available at the Information Center

    To Apply: Parents must submit an application. Your child must be registered in the Yonkers Public Schools.

  • Contacts for Academically Talented Programs

    Pupil Support - PEARLS Program
    (914) 376-8189

    District Guidance - Century Honors Program
    (914) 376-8454

    Student Enrollment
    (914) 376-8050