• YMHS MBK Rebuild Rally

    By Alexandria Connally, Assistant Principal 

    MBK brothers are encouraged to help others through mentorship and help themselves through advocacy. Yonkers Middle High School’s MBK partnered with Enrico Fermi School (grades pre-K through 8) this year to develop a cross-age tutoring program. Many of our 37 MBK brothers visit Enrico Fermi a few days a week to offer homework help and mentor younger children. This program allows elementary students to have role models and become better informed about the high school experience. YMHS brothers develop leadership skills and an increased sense of accountability.

    When asked how the program is going, 11th grader Lord Mintah said, “It is a pleasure to work with such creative students. It makes me feel good about myself.”

    YMHS’s MBK members also informally mentor each other -- students in grade 11 mentor brothers in grade 8. YMHS’s mentoring efforts support YonkersMBK’s Milestone 2 -- Ensure all children read at grade level by third grade and Milestone 3 -- Ensure all youth graduate from high school.

    Separately, several MBK brothers shared their experiences as college-bound high school students with YMHS middle school students at the Early College Awareness Program, sponsored by the HarvardRadcliffe Club of Westchester, This annual District event, supervised by Jade Sharpe, District Administrator of Arts and Education, took place on April 22. Older students shared the importance of academic success in relation to college readiness and gave some practical advice about time management, organizational skills and study habits. This program aims to inform eighth and ninth graders about the necessary curricular and financial requirements as well as resources available in high school to help them finance a post-secondary education at any college.


    Encouraged by advisors to practice advocating for themselves, YMHS MBK brothers organized a Rebuild Yonkers Schools Rally, held on April 26. The rally, whose theme was “Civic Responsibility” supported a new initiative to rebuild Yonkers school buildings, put forth by Mayor Mike Spano, the Yonkers City Council and the Yonkers Board of Education. Yonkers is asking the State for a partnership that’s consistent with the successful reconstruction programs in Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse. Students were encouraged to use hashtags such as #Fund2Rebuild on social media to reach out to the New York State legislative and executive branches.

Superintendent of Schools Supports YMHS's Advocacy