• Who was Kahlil Gibran?

    Kahlil Gibran was one of the most significant and influential Arabic – American authors of the 20th century.  He is well known and respected for many inspirational and powerful literal works such as “The Prophet” (1923)


    Who are Kahlil Gibran Students?

    Students of Kahlil Gibran School are children with initiative, desire, enthusiasm and diversity.  They are independent thinkers, active learners and positive young members of society.


    Kahlil Gibran’s School Mascot:

    The Tiger

    Why the Tiger? The Tiger is a very wise and innovative creature.  Like the students, administration, faculty and staff of Kahlil Gibran School, the Tiger is able to be creative and use its intelligence to find ways to overcome obstacles set in front of him.


    Kahlil Gibran’s school colors:

    Blue and White

    Why Blue? Blue represents that the sky is the limit for each and every student of Kahlil Gibran School.  It symbolizes the need for each student to dream and reach for those dreams more and more each day.

    Why White?  The color represents a new beginning.  It symbolizes that each day starts with a fresh slate for the students to start anew, smarter and wiser than the day before.