Phone: (914) 376-8460


Degrees and Certifications:

BA in Elementary Education Pre-k - 6 *Certified to teach Pre-k - 6 Masters in Special Education *Certified in Pre-k - 12

Linda Ayoub

Class 4-5

Room 124


 Welcome parents and students to Ms. Ayoub's 4th Grade class! I also would like to welcome you to our new school year of 2020-2021. I hope you are all well and have enjoyed your summer. I am excited and honored to be teaching your children this year. I am looking forward to working and collaborating with all of you. Together, we will effectively and successfully move forward during this more challenging and different time.

As we begin this new school year remotely, there are steps that you will need to follow in order to smoothly deal with all instruction on a daily basis. Everyone is directed to work on Microsoft Teams. You should get acquainted with this software. The district has provided information on Microsoft Teams on YPS District homepage under "For Parents." The link to YPS homepage is

Please log into Clever, find Office 365 and favorite it. Go to Microsoft Teams and find your classes. All instruction, assignments, and communication will take place there. Students should use their 6 digit and use their birthdate (mm/dd/yyyy) as their password, for example (09/08/2020). If they are prompted to create a new password, it should be "fermi54." This ID and password will be used to access all sites through Clever, so it is important they remember both. 

I will be available on Microsoft Teams chat for direct assistance and instruction. Any changes with schedules of instruction, assistance, and communication, I will post notifications in advance on Microsoft Teams and ClassDojo. In addition, I will do the same for reminders. You are welcome to email me at or contact me on ClassDojo at any other time and I will respond as soon as possible. 

I will be sending out invitations via email or to your cell phones for ClassDojo, where you can message me directly. Please make sure that you download the App as soon as you can, so you can easily connect to my class. 

I hope this message is helpful. Please do not hesitate to ask me questions or share any concerns. We are all in this together!


Thank you

Ms. Ayoub




Contact Info:

Please email me whenever needed at

Contact me on ClassDojo.

You can also call me at (914) 376-8460 (main office) or (914) 719-7640 


 Available Hours:

Monday through Fridays: 3:30 - 4:30


*** Important note!

 I recommend that you go into "Class Expectations" section and click on the Grade 4 Power Standards and Online Instruction Expecttions to read what 4th grade students are expected to learn and familiarize themselves with during the course of the year.  These standards are already aligned with all four subject areas in this grade level. 


*** Title I Reading Teacher 

Ms. Michelle Scardino-David

If you have any questions for Ms. Scardino regarding your child and Title I Reading services, please email her at 

You can go on Ms. Scardino's page by searching for her name under "Teachers" on Fermi's Webpage.