Ms. Black, ENL Teacher

Ms. Black



Degrees and Certifications:

M.S., TESOL PreK-12 & Literacy

Ms. Black



Welcome to Ms. Black's ENL class! I am excited to teach you this school year.

Please note that the district will be using Microsoft Teams this school year. You should get acquainted with the software. The district has provided information on Microsoft Teams on the YPS District homepage under “For Parents”. Please see the below link to the site:
As we start the current school year remotely, find Office 365 (favorite it), and go to Microsoft Teams and find your classes. All instruction, assignments and communication (besides e-mail) will take place there.  Students should use their 6 digit ID and use their date of birth mm/dd/yyyy (example 09/08/2020) as their password. If they are prompted to create a new password it should be their first name and the number 1 (example james1). This ID and password will be used to access all sites through Clever so it is important they remember both.  I will also ask you to favorite certain links we will be using frequently in Clever as well.  I will be available on Microsoft Teams chat for direct help and instruction.  You can message or e-mail me ( at any time and I will respond as quickly as possible.


Code: pec4210 

Day 1: Choose an eBook to read silently then write a summary.

Day 2: Answer questions-- 1. What was your favorite part of the story? 2. What was the theme or main idea? 3. Who was your favorite character, and what character traits (adjectives) would you use to describe him/her?

Day 3: Make a connection.  How did this story make you feel? When have you felt that way in your real life?



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