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  • Microsoft Teams Overview     

    This training combined the key elements of Teams 100 and Teams 200, from learning how to create a digital classroom in Teams to posting assignments and using the live video feature. Teachers learned how to schedule their classes, invite their students, and create and post assignments. Other topics included using the calendar to set meeting dates and times, integrating different applications, using the video for live lessons and screen sharing.  

    Meetings and Chats   

    This training provided teachers with techniques to create, edit and communicate through the chat feature in Teams. The training included how to format messages; use different classroom views; attach files, images, gifs, emojis; and how to integrate videos. Additionally, the training provided recommended practices for using, creating, and setting options for meetings.  

    Meetings & Channels   

    This training demonstrated how to set up channels within Teams and how they can be used for small group instruction. The facilitator reviewed how to establish class meetings and how to assign students to different channels. Within the channels, students may work in small groups to view videos, have discussions, or work collaboratively on projects to submit to the teacher.  

    Forms and Assignments 

    In this training, teachers learned how to use Forms to create surveys, quizzes, and polls to engage students and to collect data. The facilitator demonstrated how Forms provides teachers with the ability to set the number of times students may reply, to translate, and to confirm completion. Diverse ways to share Forms with students was demonstrated as well as how to access and use the data. In Assignments, teachers were shown how to organize their lessons, set due dates, insert instructions, and add supplemental materials. 

    One Note in the Classroom

    The One Note application and its interactive features were demonstrated for teachers beginning with how to access the application and integrate it into their Teams classrooms. The features reviewed include using the application to create student notebooks, use collaborative spaces for small groups, and to use various tools (including recordings and photos) to engage all learners. One Note notebooks can be used individually by students or in small groups and then easily submitted for review and comments by the teacher. Additional features include translation and immersive reader functions.  

    Immersive Reader and One Note

    This training focused on how to use different techniques within this integrated program to translate information into more than 50 languages, assist with vocabulary and reading, and how to use the One Note student journals and assignments. Trainers demonstrated the various features and provided information on the toolbar icons, including how to edit text and adjust the immersive reader settings.   

    Excel 100

    In this training, teachers learned the basics of Microsoft Excel starting with the toolbar, workbook, and prepared templates. The facilitator demonstrated how to create an Excel spreadsheet, sort the data, and use the application for student grades or to collect and display other data.   

    Excel 200  

    In this accelerated training, teachers learned how to post, edit, manipulate, color code and analyze data. Diverse types of graphic illustrations were demonstrated including graphs, pivot tables, and charts. The facilitator demonstrated how to use data to create visual representations that are updated in real time.   

    Sway 100

    This training provided teachers with an overview of using Microsoft Sway, an interactive PowerPoint platform. Trainers demonstrated how to create, edit, format and share presentations. Teachers also learned how to create Sways from templates and from scratch.  

    Sway 200

    This training provided a deeper dive into the Sway application and how it can be used to create interactive class projects, presentations, newsletters, and other forms of communication. Trainers provided teachers with skills to help them facilitate the creation of a digital story on the Sway platform from templates, pre-made designs and from scratch.  


    This training provided teachers with student engagement strategies in Flipgrid including using multimedia video applications. Teachers learned how to create groups, introduce discussion topics, mix tapes, and join the Flipgrid community at large. Trainers also demonstrated how to assign, access, create and view Flipgrid presentations. Flipgrid integrates with both Teams and Nearpod. 

    PowerPoint Live

    This training provided teachers with a demonstration on how to present a PowerPoint presentation in “Live” mode, which is accessible within the Office 365 suite. The training also focused on recommended practices for viewing student logins, sharing links and QR codes, using different forms of feedback, and how to end presentations. This training was facilitated by Nasser Ibrahim, assistant principal.  

    Microsoft Minecraft for Education

    This one-hour training session by The Microsoft Store provided teachers with foundational training on how to play this interactive educational game, adjust the settings and use the lesson plans within the Minecraft Education Platform. The facilitators demonstrated how to use the application tools for adjusting settings, character and world selections, the chat feature, and how to begin and end the game. Additional information on using the tutorials, the keyboard and the mouse were included.