• Humanities

Summer Humanities Academy - The Yonkers History Project

  • The Summer Humanities Academy was first developed in 2019 and became fully virtual during both the Spring and Summer of 2020. During the Summer of 2021, five classes were filled with middle school students excited to be back in physical classrooms with their peers and teachers. Each classroom investigated a different aspect of the City of Yonkers, depending on their interests and the focus of the class. These investigations have been presented in a variety of ways, from Minecraft replicas of historic sites, to the creation of e-books on famous Yonkers residents, to diaries and podcasts of living through the pandemic. The driving questions, which launched each inquiry-based classroom, are as varied as the City of Yonkers. Students this summer looked to the past to gain a better understanding of the present and the to predict the future. 

    Many of our students looked at change over time. Some of the stories shared are very personal, recounting the trials and triumphs faced during the pandemic. Students researched, collaborated, investigated, interviewed, and created their projects for the virtual showcase presented here. Each class presentation is unique and relevant to their own lives. We know you will enjoy the student showcase as much as the students enjoyed creating their projects.