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    Wasn't the HMH article about the history of gum so interesting?

    It asked for the CENTRAL IDEA which is the main idea! What the story is MOSTLY about.  This particular question asked about the central idea of only ONE section of the reading... the paragraphs that are included in Big Business,  The main idea is that gum helped many people make a lot of money! Then you had to give two exapmples such as Wrigley.

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    I noticed in your HMH online assignmnets they asked you to identify text structure.

    The following are examples of text structure.

    cause and effect



    chronological order


     What was the text structure used in the story about Beethoven?

    IT WAS CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER. It spoke about his life fro when he was young to when he was older and all the things that contributed to his success.

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