• Clever

    • If you need the instructions on how to access Clever please let me know
    • Username is their 6 digit ID code
    • Password is their date of birth (MMDDYYYY)

                        For example 


    When on Clever, visit "Ms. Reynolds Page". Please use the webpages within my page, in addition to any others that are provided by YPS. 

    1. Happy Numbers- Math (Module based)
    2. Sumdog- Assignments for both Math and ELA
    3. Khan Academy-Use the free app named "Khan Academy Kids" (highly recommended) Math and ELA
    4. ABCmouse-Math and ELA review
    5. i-Ready-Math and ELA 
    6. Lailo- ELA review
    7. Epic!- Reading
    8. Reading A-Z
    9. *BookFlix-Reading*
    10. *One More Story-Reading*
    11. *Teach Your Monster to Read*-Awesome free app for ELA review, phonics, sight word review 



    *May require a login, see below. The username and passwords is also located on the 'library services' section on the students homepage.*

    5. BookFlix

    • Username: ypsyonkers
    • Password:ypsyonkers

    6. One More Story

    • Username: yonkersps
    • Password: yonkersny 

    7. Teach Your Monster to Read

    • Username: Student name 
    • Password: Student name1
    • Star Code: 480859

              Example: Candy

    • Username: Candy
    • Password: Candy1
    • Star code: 480859

    8. TrueFlix

    • Username: ypsyonkers
    • Password: ypsyonkers