• Los Sentimientos/Feelings

    by Stephanie Reid Year Published:

    Wordless book inspiring children to tell their own stories based on photographs of children's facial expressions. 

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  • What Should Danny Do? -The Power to Choose (PK-4)

    by Adir Levy/Ganit Levy Year Published:

    Interactive book allowing readers to make choices for Danny, the main character, each time he is faced with a difficult situation, each one relatable to most children. Beautiful illustrations. 

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  • When My Worries Get Too Big

    by Kari Dunn Buron (K-3) Year Published:

    Workbook to help children handle anxious emotions. 

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  • The I'm Not Scared Book

    by Todd Parr (PK-2) Year Published:

    Childhood fears such as the dark, dogs, and getting lost are illustrated, encouraging kids to think them through by problem solving. 

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  • Wemberly Worried

    by Kevin Henkes (PK-2) Year Published:

    Wemberly is a mouse who worries about everything, but her biggest fear is the first day of school. Kids relate to Wemberly's fears and hear about how she overcomes them. 

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