• In conjunction with Microsoft Teams your child will also be utilizing the learning applications found on Clever.

    Clever is a single sign-on platform that allows students to seamlessly access frequently used websites without having to log in to each one individually. This means that one username and password gives your child access to any of the district applications on any device.

    Your child can sign in to Clever using the same credentials they use to sign in to Microsoft Teams. Clever can be accessed by clicking on the following link: Once on the website your child should select "Log in with LDAP." Your child's username will be their 6-digit student ID number directly followed by For example, Your child's password will be their birthday written as 8-digits in the MMDDYYYY format with an exclamation point (!) on the end. For example, 08312020!.

    Through Clever your child is able to gain access to Office 365 and Microsoft Teams. Their login credentials remain are the same as their login credentials for Clever. Your child will be using many of the district websites available on Clever, such as Achieve3000, Benchmark, i-Ready, IXL, and Mystery Science. Your child also has the ability to practice their typing and coding skills.

    Additionally your child will utilize several other websites that can be accessed through Clever but are not part of the single sign-on family of applications. These websites include, ReadWorks, Epic, Khan Academy, and Scholastic News to name a few. These can all be found under the "Ms. Westphal's Favorites" section of your child's Clever page. The login information your child needs to access each one will be included below once we get settled into the school year.

    From Clever you child can even access their weekly Work Plan. The Work Plan can be found under the "Ms. Westphal's Favorites" section. However, please keep in mind that for the first week of school your child's assignments will focus on getting famliar with the various platforms and will not follow a traditional Work Plan.

    If you have any questions about any of the programs please don't hesitate to reach out.



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