• Kahlil Gibran School 

    5th Grade Expectations and Outline 

    Mrs. Zarychta – Grade 5 


    Class Expectations: 



    Proper classroom behavior is expected at all times. Students may not disrupt the learning environment of the classroom. The Yonkers Code of Conduct wil be followed along with classroom rules (made by teacher and students) and school rules.  


    Attendance and Punctuality: 

    It is important that students come to school and are on time. In the event of an absence, please message me on dojo or send me an email. Students will be asked to complete any missed work upon return.  



    Students will be given 2 days or more days notice before a test or exam. However, pop-quizzes/assessments will be given without notice to review skills being assessed through-out a unit. All tests will be sent home for a signature to be returned to me the next day.  

    Some 5th Graders will have a chance to attend the Districtwide Spelling Bee therefore a weekly spelling test will be given on every friday, using the words from the 5th grade spelling bee list.  


    Homework Policy: 

    Homework will be given to the students on Monday – Thursday in their Homework notebook.  Homework will be checked in class daily. Homework will be graded as completed or incomplete. In the event of an absence, students will be asked to complete the Homework missed. A student hw sheet will be given to each student at the begining of the week to fill in. There will also be class reminders on that sheet. Please review the HW sheet with your child.  

    Spelling HW will be given on Monday and need to be completed each night. More info to follow.  

    If your child consistenly fails to complete howework, I will reach out to you on dojo or call home. In the event there is no homwork for the night, I will put a message on dojo. 

    Friday night Homework is for students to catch up on any classwork they  need to finish or they will be asked to use technology to complete an assignment on iXL, Achieve 3000, or Iready.  



    Please see attached supplies list. Please try to get all supplies in by the first week of school. If you need a new copy of the supply list please email me at mzarychta@yonkerspublicschools.org or have your child ask for another copy.  


    Grading Policy: 

    Students are graded on trimesters. Students grades will be based off formative and summative assessments, quizzes, projects, and classwork. Homework will also count towards their grade.  


    Grading is based off the Districts Policy: 


    A =  90 - 100 

    B =  80 - 89 

    C =  70 – 79 

    D =  65 – 69 

    F =   0 - 64