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    I am the new Resource Teacher for the William Boyce Thompson School.  I look forward to working with all of my resource students and their families.  Below are directions on how to log into Microsoft Teams.  

    Parent/Guardian Technology Guide




    Follow these steps to access Microsoft TEAMS:


    1. Click link below.


    2. Select : Login with LDAP


    3. Login to CLEVER: 


    username: ID#@yonkerspublicschools.org


    password: MMDDYYYY (ex: 10192011)


    4. Scroll down on the page until you see OFFICE 365.  Click on the icon.


    5. When prompted to sign in, use the same login that you used for CLEVER.


    6. Once on you will see TEAMS.




    Parent Portal Web Address

    Link to create a a Parent Portal account 


    https://yonkersps.powerschool.com/public .



    How to Create a Parent Portal Account


    The password to create the account is always the student Date of Birth in this format: 

    mm/dd/yyyy.  If the students birthday is January 5, 2010, the password to enter would be 01/05/2010.  Please also note that the AccessID is case sensitive, and the password contains the /’s.


     For more information please visit the attached link.



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    I received a Bachelor of Science at Lincoln Univeristy, in PA.

    I received a Master of Science in Education in the area of Elementary Education.

    I received a Master of Science in Education in the area of Special Education, Childhood Education.


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