• Mr. Vasquez 5th Grade Class of 2020-2021

    Welcome Back to The William Boyce Thompson School


    I would like to congratulate my new 5th grade class for working hard over the Summer in order to prepare for class . I know this will be a wonderful year. 


    New York State Exam Schedule


    ELA Exam will be administered on:

    April 20th for Hybrid Students (ELA)

    April 21st for Remote Students (ELA)

    April 22nd is a make-up date for both Hybrid and Remote Students (ELA)



    Math Exam will be administered on:


    May 4th for Hybrid Student (Math)

    May 5th for Remote Students (Math)

    May 6th is a make-up date for both Hybrid and Remote Students (Math)


    Remote students will need to have their parents make arrangements to drop them off by 8:35 a.m. and picked up by 11:00 a.m..


    Remote Learning Expectations Link:


    Dear parents here is a link for you to fill out the Virtual Emergency Cards. Please click on it and have the card filled out.

    Virtual Emergency Card Link:


    Spring Break Homework Assignments


    ELA: Informative Essays (5 to 8 Sentences for each paragraph, a minimum of 3 paragraphs)


    History of the violin: Isabella, Jeremy, Yamileth, Ticcori

     Explanation of how violins are made: Jason, Shaima, Rachel, Jeremiah, Jayden

    Explanation of how violins make sound: Devin, Khassidi, Jennat, Eduardo

    Explanation of how the violin is played: Melody, Ramelle, Gibran

    The importance of varnish on acoustic violins Influential violinists: Deborah, Jezebel, Leah

    When we return from Spring Break we will share our work with the rest of the class. Please be prepared to read your work- enjoy your vacation.

    Math:  Sumdog:

    Spring Break # 1: Multiplication

    Spring Break # 2: Decimals

    Spring Break # 3: Division

    Spring Break # 4: Measurements

    Spring Break # 5: Intro to Fractions



    Winter Project 2020-2021

    Dreams and Aspirations (Branches)


    1) Write at least 3 paragraphs about your dreams and aspirations for the future.

    2). Create a digital collage and/or poster board image that represents those dreams and aspirations.


    2:45-3:15  Community Meeting/SEL Check-in for Parents and Guardians

    During this time you will have opportunities to ask questions, voice concerns and/or talk about what is on your mind about what is going on in school or within the community.



    Hello parents/guardians, I would like to recommend an app called Genuis Scan. You can scan your child's work and send it directly to their teacher's email.


    Mr. Vasquez Assignment page Link

    Email: ivasquez@yonkerspublicschools.org


    Directions on how to access Microsoft Teams:

    • log onto clever (The Clever Portal)
    • find Office 365
    • click on Office 365
    • tyoe in your username and password
    • find the Teams icon
    • click on Teams icon
    • find calendar icon on left side of screen
    • click on calendar
    • find  today's date and click on join meeting


    Class TEAMS Names


    Introduction Class: 566- Mr. Vasquez (5V)

    English Class: 566-ENG015-501

    Math Class:    566-MTH025-501

    Science Class: 566-SCI0501-501

    Social Studies: 566-SST045-501

    Attendance: 566-ATT015-501

    These classes will be set up on TEAMS and meetings will be located with the calendar tab (with in Teams Calendar). You shall receive an invite when classes are expected to begin.

    Here is the  Microsoft Teams Hyperlink.

    Parent/Guardian Technology Guide TEAMS


    Follow these steps to access Microsoft TEAMS:


    1. Click link below.

    2. Select : Login with LDAP

    3. Login to CLEVER: 

    username: ID#@yonkerspublicschools.org

    password: MMDDYYYY (ex: 10192011)

     4. Scroll down on the page until you see OFFICE 365.  Click on the icon.

     5. When prompted to sign in, use the same login that you used for CLEVER.

     6. Once on you will see TEAMS.



    Parent Portal Web Address

    Link to create a a Parent Portal account 


    https://yonkersps.powerschool.com/public .



    How to Create a Parent Portal Account


    The password to create the account is always the student Date of Birth in this format: 

    mm/dd/yyyy.  If the students birthday is January 5, 2010, the password to enter would be 01/05/2010.  Please also note that the AccessID is case sensitive, and the password contains the /’s.


     For more information please visit the attached link.



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