Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Jillian Luckasavage


Ms. Luckasavage

Welcome to Rockland Grades 3/4

Telephone Number: (914) 376-8300


Class Hours7:35-2:15

Teacher Check-In:

Check-in Time 7:35-1:15 Monday-Friday: At this time all students MUST be present to review tasks, expectations, and assignments.  This time is used to determine daily attendance, provide student feedback, and offer an opportunity for parents/students to ask questions.

Assignment Details:

All assignments can be found on Office365 Teams in assignments.  Additional resources can be accessed through Clever (Benchmark, Khan Academy, etc.) In addition to required assignments, Class Dojo has a number of choice/enrichment/intervention that your child can utilize.  Use the additional resources that best fit your child.  Monday-Friday ALL STUDENTS should be online from 7:35-1:15.  These lessons are interactive teaching. To join the meetings log into Office365, click TEAMS, click ROCKLAND 3/4, click CALENDAR, find the meeting and click JOIN.  

Remote Learning Expectations: See Teams Page

Teams Log-in:

Username: 6 digit

Password: Birthdte (dd/mm/yyyy)

Ways to Communicate: Office365 Team Chat, Office365 Team Meetings, Class Dojo, District Email