• Student Transportation

    • The Yonkers Public Schools Transportation Department contributes to student achievement by ensuring that our students have a safe and reliable means of getting to and from school and school related activities. As it is not possible for the buses to stop at each child’s door, bus stops may be approximately a half-mile from the student’s home. Selection of safe bus stops is the District’s responsibility, but the safety of children traveling to and from the stops is the responsibility of the parent or guardian, just as if the child were walking to and from school. Scheduled pick-up and drop-off times are estimated and may vary from day to day.

      Transportation is provided in accordance with Yonkers Board of Education policy and New York State Education Department regulations and guidelines.

      Elementary and Middle Years Students

      Students in grades prekindergarten through eight receive transportation if they attend a school that is at least one and a half (1.5) miles from the home address or have an IEP that requires transportation service. All children under the age of 8 years old and students with an IEP who receive transportation must be met by a parent/guardian or designee; children not met at their bus stop will be taken to the Student Transportation Center at One Larkin Center.

      The Student Transportation Center assists students who have become misrouted or if a required parent/ guardian was not at the bus stop. These students must be picked up at the Transportation Department as soon as the parent/guardian is contacted and informed that their child is there.

      High School Students

      High School students must pay for bus transportation to public and non-public high schools. Students may purchase, at their high school, a discounted student MetroCard for public transportation (Bee-Line Bus) for $58.00 each month ($580 for the school year September to June). Families who meet the District Policy (reside one and a half (1.5) miles or more from school) and provide documentation from the Department of Social Services indicating qualifying family income and complete the application, may receive public transportation free of charge.

      Special Busing Requests

      Students who require special busing including: non-public school transportation, alternate pick-up and drop-off requests or transportation to Board of Education approved after-school childcare providers must submit the appropriate application to the Transportation Department, in person, no later than April 1 preceding the school year. This procedure must be followed every year by completing the applicable form  there is no automatic renewal of special busing.

      • Request for Alternate School Bus Transportation
      • Request for Afterschool Transportation to Childcare Providers
      • Application for Transportation Services to Non-Public Schools. Private/parochial school transportation is provided to students attending parochial schools in the City of Yonkers, grades prekindergarten through twelve. Parents must enroll their child at the Student Enrollment Department and complete an application for transportation.

      Students must be picked up and dropped off at the same location five days a week, with two exceptions: indicated in a child’s IEP or transport to a District approved childcare provider.