Enrico Fermi Joins the MBK Family

  • Enrico Fermi Joins the MBK Family

    Lincoln High School MBK brothers welcomed Enrico Fermi School’s seventh and eighth graders into the Yonkers MBK family on October 19 in an induction ceremony full of comradery and laughter. The ceremony was a powerful sign that, after a year of dynamic activity in Yonkers’ eight high schools, MBK’s expansion into lower grades is in full swing.

    Before the ceremony, five Lincoln MBK leaders shared their transformative MBK experiences with the 25 middle school inductees. Nearly all the younger students asked at least one question of the teenagers. Many asked how MBK has impacted them.

    “MBK makes me a better version of myself,” answered Edward, a Lincoln High School senior. “It has helped me look people in the eye, improve my public speaking, be a better young man.”  

    The 27 Lincoln MBK brothers lined up on stage, shaking the hands of a procession of Enrico Fermi students and greeting them with the words, “Welcome to MBK.”

    “This is YOUR program to shape,” Robert Bannister, Lincoln High School’s Safety Officer and MBK Liaison told the 25 new Enrico Fermi MBK brothers. “Everything we do at Lincoln MBK comes from the young men, not from the adults.”

    Mentorship is the foundation of Yonkers MBK and Mr. Bannister is a mentor not only to Lincoln High School students but also to Enrico Fermi’s MBK Liaison, Lawrence Young.  The two grew up together on Vineyard Avenue in Yonkers and have been friends for 41 years.

    “He has introduced me to every job I’ve had,” said Mr. Young, who is the Safety Officer for Enrico Fermi as well as its increasingly busy MBK Liaison.

    MBK is all about having each other’s back, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Edwin M. Quezada confirmed. “There is nothing more important to me than letting you know that I am MBK; that I am there for you. Reach out to me, I guarantee I’ll answer you,” he told all the young men at the ceremony.