• BattleofThebrothers6th-8th

    Yonkers MBK Program Coordinator Gregory Joyner hosted the annual Battle of Brothers 2022 online on Friday May 13, 2022, from 4-7 pm. The number of school chapters participating in the second annual Battle of the Brothers (BOB 2.0) has increased to seven chapters in the 6th Grade Division and eleven chapters in the 8th grade division. This event was organized for the elementary students of MBK School Chapters. All the students were so excited about the battle. The event consisted of two rounds. The first one was an online academics trivia round and the second was a physical test round scheduled for the second week.

    Mr. Joyner created the hype and boosted students' energy starting the event. He introduced the events to the students with the Yonkers Board of Education President, Reverend Steve López.

    "The Battle of the Brothers is an opportunity for MBK school chapters from around the district to get together and have fun while competing and challenging each other in physical and learning activities," Lopez said.  "Last year was the inaugural competition, which we successfully coordinated online like it is this year.  We had eight schools that participated, but because of the influence of the new chapters in the schools and young brothers getting involved in My Brother's Keeper movement, we have exceeded that number. We have 66 students who came through six schools that are challenging each other in this year's competition."

    Reverend López was excited about the event and the students participating in the event. 

    He addressed all of the students and members of My Brother's Keepers family saying, "Everybody will take this with them forever. There's a phrase that MBK says, ‘Am I my brother's keeper?  Yes, you are your brother's keeper’.  It's your job as an individual to pull your brother up. It's your job to push your brother when you need to. It's also your job to hug your brother when your brother needs a hug and make sure you give a nice, good squeeze."

    It is fantastic to see all the energy and enthusiasm coming from students participating in the event and getting to know each other.  An event like this helps build up a healthy, supportive community. Teaching students these things at an early age ensures their mindset, togetherness, helpfulness, character will improve.