Black History Month Career Fair for their Middle School students

  • Chapter In Boyce School

    On Thursday, February 17th, the MBK and MSK students at William Boyce Thompson School held its Black History Month Career Fair for their Middle School students. The initiative was for students to engage and explore various careers. The focus was to make sure they knew what was out there and available for them in their college career readiness exploration.

    Carl Jenkins, the MBK liaison, and Tara Sharp, the MSK Liaisons, along with Dr. T. Washington and Ms. Tiombe-Majors, invited various professional in to share their wisdom and knowledge leading into their careers. Some of the participants included were Anthony Burrows, for Morgan Stanley Executive Director of Finance; Floyd Long CEO of Carter Specialty Hospital in Harlem New York; Joe Solan, Management Partner of 4 Sights Advisor LLC; 'Walter Santos, Systems Application Engineer; 'Ricardo Daniels of the Iron Workers Union; 'Lance McLoughlin, Retired NYPD Officer and now Property Manager in NYC; 'Richard Clarke, Executive Securities Director; 'Artie Lloyd, Producer of Music and Hip Hop Public Health with the NYC Health Department; and two former Yonkers students, Jared Pinto Yonkers Police Department and David Almanzar of Yonkers Fire Department; For the MSK women, they had 'Abenaa Brew, Owner of Cosmetic Hair Brew Company; 'Subomi Macaulay, Labor Relations Specialist; 'Alicia McKinney Green, Assistant Vice President of Compliance for the Church Pension Group, and 'liaison from The City of Yonkers Parks and Recreation Department and Jade Watkins, Crime Analyst for NYPD.  

    Students explored and engaged in conversations with the participants and were prepared to record their responses and valued knowledge in their journals. They expressed their gratitude and hoped to do this again.