• Clean Up

    A Cleanup Day event at the Old Croton Aqueduct in Yonkers was organized for Yonkers' high school kids. Students from Yonkers My Brother's Keepers chapters from Andalusia School, Saunders Trades and Technical High School, Riverside High School, Charles E. Gorton High School, Roosevelt High­­ School, and School 17 participated in the presence of Mayor Mike Spano, Superintendent Dr. Edwin Quezada, Assistant Principal Andrew Cohen, and Lucy Casanova from YMCA.  

    Superintendent Dr. Edwin Quezada said: "It is a great opportunity for us, the adults, to demonstrate to our children that they are responsible for this planet. It is our responsibility as adults to ensure that they know that. Just go out there and demonstrate how wonderful you are. You are in charge. Don't let anyone tell you differently. Let's clean the earth." 

    Commissioner Steve Sansone said that the 41 Mile Aqueduct had national & historic landmark status for over a hundred years and is an essential destination for Yonkers residents.

    Mayor Mike Spano addressed Commissioner Sansone., Deputy Commissioner David A. Barbuti, Councilman John Rubbo, Councilwoman Shanae Williams, Councilman and Minority leader Mike Breen, County Legislator Jim Nolan, Director of Community and Government Affairs Michael R. Sabatino, Former City Council President Chuck Lesnick, as well as Superintendent Dr. Edwin Quezada

    Mayor said: "Everyone knows that this path is part of the state park system, and we need to take care of this. We are using your help to make sure of it. We do this cleanup every year. It's a wonderful time for us to utilize this park. Because that's what it is, this cleaning event to walk the clean path, get healthy, and show people that they too can use it."

    It was an exciting day to help the earth and to show positivity. Thanks to Yonkers, My Brother's Keepers team, for their efforts to help the community by getting involved as a team and gathering people for the mission. They created a helping and collaborating environment for all the event participants. As Mother Teresa once said: "When we heal Earth, we heal ourselves."