• LinconlHS

    A special event was organized for Lincoln High School students featuring poet and writer Marcus John. Superintendent Dr. Edwin E. Quezada greeted everybody and introduced Mr. John.

    Marcus started interacting with his audience saying, I'm a poet, an MC and an artist born and raised in Yonkers, New York." He spoke about his book "The Book of John," which came out in 2019, by relating his stories and performing pieces of his work. He also encouraged students to take a part with him in his story. He began his journey of creating poetry when he was eight years old. At 21 he Started and toured and ran an open mic for 4 years. As CEO of Soulbox Entertainment, Marcus has curated events for more than ten years throughout New York City and held prominent workshops locally and nationally. In 2021, Marcus was featured on PBS television reading his original poem “Smudges” in celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, bringing his work to the national stage.

    His first reading was the poem entitled, "I Don't Belong Here," it was about those people who feel alone even when surrounded by others thinking they don't belong. He interacted with the students, asking them about their ideas and what they wanted to hear from him. He inspired compassion and empathy among the students with his words.

    The students had a great time listening to Marcus and interacting with him. Marcus’ message of focusing on ourselves and spreading love, light, and positivity through music and poetry resonated with students and adults alike.