Class Expectations

  • 8th Grade Earth science students,

    New York State requires all students enrolled in a Regents-level Earth Science class to complete 1200 minutes of laboratory time in order to qualify to take the June Earth Science Regents Examination.

    The majority of lab assignments will be completed in-class-only during a 42 period. In order to complete the mandatory 1200 minutes, a minimum of 29 labs assignment must be completed. However, in order to adequately prepare students for the variety of topics featured on the Regents exam, we will complete 30 labs.

    If any student does not complete the required 1200 minutes due to either 1) failing to hand in the occasional take-home lab assignment, or 2) redo labs that were not of acceptable quality, they will receive a letter home informing them that they cannot sit for the June exam.