Things We Do and Say in Resource

  • Use Thinking Maps



  • During our resource sessions, we use THINKING MAPS.  Thinking Maps help to organize information into the 8 ways we think.  Defining in context, describing qualities, comparing and contrasting, classifying, part-whole, sequencing, cause and effect, and seeing analogies are the 8 ways that we think.  We also use the S.L.A.N.T. method to help us pay attention in class.  Sit up straight, listen to the teacher, actively listen, nod for understanding, and track the teacher.  During resource we learn many mnemonic stratgies in order to help us remember and use the information we are learning. 


    During distance learning we will continue to utilize those strategies AND use to further our instruction.  Make sure you log on to each and every weekday to exercise your brain!!!  If you have any questions, please email me!!!  Have a wonderful learning day!