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Ms. Thomalen



                     Patricia A. DiChiaro 

    • Remote Learning Schedule 

      Ms. Thomalen Room 7

      5th Grade ICT Team - Ms. Roche & Ms. Sigismondo (Room 211)

      6th Grade ICT Team-  Ms. Tiedemann & Ms. Sayegh (Room 213)



      Thank-you for using DOJO!! It has been a wonderful way to stay connected, and keep you in the know as things change throughout the day. Your feedback is important to us. Having daily communication at your fingertips so readily has been a benefit for all of us.  


      Our assignments are posted on Microsoft Teams and DOJO. This has shown to be successful in staying connected, and not having to go to different places to access information.


      Below is a schedule for the first weeks of school beginning on September 8, 2020.  School begins at 8:35 am.  Please follow the directions posted on the DiChiaro homepage to access your child’s Outlook account and Microsoft Teams. 


      Every morning at 8:35 please log on to Microsoft Teams.  After you have logged on, click the icon titled “teams” on the left side toolbar.  You will see our class Team.  Click the icon.  On the next screen you will see a purple icon titled “join.”  Click that icon and you will be let into the class.  Please ensure your child is appropriately dressed and ready to learn.  If you cannot log on please contact Ms. Sigismondo ( for 5th grade ICT students or Ms. Sayegh ( for 6th grade ICT students. 


      Here are supplies students will need for the first few weeks of school:

      • Notebooks
      • Pencils
      • Highlighters
      • Post-Its


       5th Grade Schedule:   

      8:35 Community Meeting/Attendance

      9:15-11:00  Math/ELA 

      * I modify the schedule based on the groups needs. Some days we may need to  spend more time on Math then ELA, and vice versa.


      6th Grade Schedule:

       11:30-12:20 ELA

      1:30-3:00 ELA/Math

      * I modify the schedule based on the groups needs. Some days we need to spend more time on Math then ELA, and vice versa.


      Homework will be posted on Teams and DOJO. DOJO seems to be an ideal way to communicate. It is user friendly, and the kids like the friendly characters.


       In the event that we loose internet at school, both 5th and 6th ICT classes will have remote lessons posted. The children are familiar with CLEVER and READWORKS. They will be able to find the assignments we post. 


      Each period will begin with synchronous (live) instruction and then transition to an asynchronous (not live) work period.  Students will not be live with their teacher for the entire school day


      We are currently using the DOJO app to communicate daily with parents. Everyone has received an invitation to join. This is a successful tool to communicate with you daily. Through DOJO we can do the following:

    Daily Communication  
    * Post Daily Assignments/Reminders  
     * Post Homework Assignments
    * Classroom Happenings 
     * Stay Connected !!!!


Caroline Thomalen