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Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Coach Parashis

Welcome Back DiChiaro!!!!!!

I am so happy to welcome back all of our returning students and new ones. Let's make it a wonderful year.



Here are some brief expectations for Physical Education.


  1. Must have Sneakers either laced or tied. No Crocs!
  2. Must wear appropriate clothing for exercise (restrictive jeans or anything too stiff or tight is not the best option).
  3. Have some water nearby (no reason for Gatorade or other juices) Water is sufficient.
  4. We don’t have a lot of time so no silliness please. Unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated and will result in demerits.
  5. Hand in Assignments when due please.
  6. Try your best
  7. Be smart about your limits, don’t push it.
  8. Most Importantly-HAVE FUN while Being Safe!







Here is a little about me:


20 Year Physical Education Teacher in Elementary and High School 

Former Athletic Director

Former Adjunct College Professor in Family Nutrition and Exercise Science

Bachelors in Science (Family Nutrition and Exercise Science)

Masters in Science (Family Nutrition and Exercise Science)

Post Masters Educational Diploma in School Building Leader

Post Masters Educational Diploma in School Distric Leader


Coaching Experience:

10 Years Boys Varsity Basketball Coach-1- NYC Championship, 3 best in school winning records, 5 Playoff Births

4 Year Head Coach Track and Field

4 Year Head Modified Football Coach


Playing Experience:

10 Years Football Player-Undefeated State Champion

4 Year Track and Field Player-Current Record Holder in High Jump

3 Year College Hardcourt Volleyball Player

3 Year Amature Boxer

7 Years MMA(Mixed,Karate, Grappling, etc) 

Hours Available for Assistance

9-12:30 Please email me for any help needed. Nparashis@yonkerspublicschools.org 

If you would like me to call you, please send me your contact information to the email address listed above.


Dear Parents,

Please e-mail physicals and immunizations to Nurse Barbara at bmassello@yonkerspublicschools.org



Physical Education Grading Policy of In Person and Remote Students


Secondary Grades 6-8

Each day of PE is worth 5pts to each semester grade.


Participation= Being present, doing warm-ups completely, participating in daily activities, giving a good effort, having an overall positive attitude towards peers and in class.

Effort-Trying the best you can!

Sportsmanship-Treating your peers with a generally positive attitude, encouraging them, treating the teacher and referee with respect and figuring out ways to get your classmates involved.

Being Prepared-Wearing sneakers that are lace-up or velcro. Wearing appropriate clothing to work out ie: T-Shirts, sweatshirts, shorts or sweat pants. No Crocs, no crops or inappropriate dressing please. 

Mid-Term-A physical mid term will be given to 7-8th grade based on the Presidential Fitness Program and FITT.


Grades Summarized:

90-100- Student participates in all classes, gives a very good effort, is prepared, has a good attitude towards peers and teacher, is proficient and/or has mastery in the majority of skills introduced.

80-90- Student makes a good effort in class, may have some unexcused absences, may have 2 unprepared, 2 or more absences, has a good grasp on the activities and/or skills involved in the sports introduced. Studemt has displayed good sportsmanship.


70-80 Student makes some effort to participate, has 4 or more absences and/or unprepared, Student may have exemplified poor sportsmanship at times.


65-70- Student is boarderlining failing but is given a second chance to try again. Student has 5 or more absences or is unprepared, doesnt have a good attitude and does not participated as expected.


65-0 Student has 6 or more absences, is unprepared or has not participated 6 or more times, has a poor attitude, has been reprimanded at times.







5-points per class is deducted for every unexcused absence or non-participation



 Class Behavior and Rules:


1. Leaving class early without permission (3-5pts)

2. Not doing the exercises during class result in deduction in points 1-5 (5 points for not doing any of the exercise for class).

3. Infractions due to dangerous behavior will be dealt with individually (5-10 pts demerits)

4. Lateness -1 for 0-10 minutes late to class, -2 10-20 minutes, -3 20-35, 35+ no credit.