Welcome to DiChiaro Physical Education



Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Coach Parashis



Instructions for Asynchronous Instruction (not live teaching): Wednesdays and days when Coach P is absent or if the internet is not working at the school.



Download Exercise Log from Yonkers Public Schools:




Complete the Exercises Below. You can get extra credit for doing additional exercises as long as they are documented in your work log.


Parents need to sign off on your work log as you complete the exercises to verify that you did do the work.





1.New Warm-UP



2.Bear Mountain Stretch



3.Choice: Cardio and Core


4.Choice: Cardio Boxing Grade 6-8 Only and For Exercise Only




Videos will refresh and new content will be added as Cardiovascular tolerance builds up.

For Physical Education, We will start off this school year using a few different methods of teaching, Synchronous, Asynchronous then hybrid (in-person October 5). Basically Live Teaching online and assignments/projects posted.

Synchronous Live Teaching-I will be live streaming with you during your PE Class times. I will lead you through stretches and warmups followed by a daily skill to learn. Everyone’s home set up is different so, we will probably not require a lot of equipment for our live sessions.  After the Live teaching component you have the opportunity to work on the skill on your own during the class and after.

Asynchronous aka teaching done remotely but not live. I will be monitoring the work live.  For assignments that are given, the work will be due on the next day of Physical Education or when the due date is posted. Example-Exercise Log-If the direction is to do an exercise for a certain amount of time, then the student needs to write down that information in a activity log and submit it when it is due.

Hybrid-October 5 is the districts start date for in person learning. Refer to Yonkerspublicschools.org for more information.


Ok now that we have the terms learned, let’s get into what is needed to participate in Physical Education.


  1. Must have Sneakers either laced or tied.
  2. Must wear appropriate clothing for exercise (restrictive jeans or anything too stiff or tight is not the best option).
  3. Have some water nearby (no reason for Gatorade or other juices) Water is sufficient.
  4. Computer to be ready to log in before class starts
  5. Microphone OFF and video ON.
  6. We don’t have a lot of time so no silliness please.
  7. Hand in Assignments when due please.
  8. Try your best
  9. Be smart about your limits, don’t push it.
  10. Most Importantly-HAVE FUN while Being Safe!



Above is the schedule of the day indicating when you child is going to receive synchronous (live) instruction.   

 ***Each period will begin with synchronous (live) instruction and then transition to an asynchronous (not live) work period.  Students will not be live with their teacher for the entire school day*** 




Here is a little about me:


19 Year Physical Education Teacher in Elementary and High School 

Former Athletic Director

Former Adjunct College Professor in Family Nutrition and Exercise Science

Bachelors in Science (Family Nutrition and Exercise Science)

Masters in Science (Family Nutrition and Exercise Science)

Post Masters Educational Diploma in School Building Leader

Post Masters Educational Diploma in School Distric Leader


Coaching Experience:

10 Years Boys Varsity Basketball Coach-1- NYC Championship, 3 best in school winning records, 5 Playoff Births

4 Year Head Coach Track and Field

4 Year Head Modified Football Coach


Playing Experience:

10 Years Football Player-Undefeated State Champion

4 Year Track and Field Player-Current Record Holder in High Jump

3 Year College Hardcourt Volleyball Player

3 Year Amature Boxer

7 Years MMA(Mixed,Karate, Grappling, etc) 

Hours Available for Assistance

9-12:30 please email me for any help needed. Nparashis@yonkerspublicschools.org 

If you would like me to call you, please send me your contact information to the email listed above.


Dear Parents,

Please e-mail physicals and immunizations to Nurse Barbara at bmassello@yonkerspublicschools.org



Physical Education Grading Policy of In Person and Remote Students


Secondary Grades 6-8

Participation 50%

Exercise Log 50%


Participation= Being present, whether online with camera on and in the cameras focus or in person

5-points per class is deducted for every unexcused absence or non participation

 Class Behavior and Rules:


1. Leaving class early without permission (3-5pts)

2. Being out of the camera's focus (3-5 pts)

3. Not doing the exercises during class result in deduction in points 1-5 (5 points for not doing any of the exercise for class).

4. Appropriate Language and Microphone off is required (raising digital hand and waiting to be called on before unmuting microphone is expected).



Exercise Work Log is 50%/50 points of grade and needs to be submitted every term with a date, descritption, duration of exercise. Each exercise submission must be initialled by parent or guardian and signed at the end of the log.