• What Can You Do To Stay Active in This Situation?

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    Dear Class,

    This is no doubt a new chapter in your life and an experience that you will always remember. Although this situation with Covid-19 maybe uncertain, we must take the time to take care of ourselves by maintaining your physical fitness. You maybe wondering what exercises you can do if you have a small space?? Well, the answer is, we have already done it. Every time we warmed up to do our stretches and exercises we stayed on our floor spot the purple x. 
    Here is some guidance:

    run in place for 5-10 minutes

    do jumping jacks 100-500 (yes 500)

    push ups and sit ups (as many as you can)

    burpees sets of 20 (do 20 take a rest and do another 20)

    run is place and do High Knees (1-2 minutes)

    run in place and do high kicks

    run in place and do back kicks (aka butt kicks)

    have your own dance party (work up a sweat) have google circles and get on a video chat to have a dance party 

    practice a sports skill

    learn a sports skill on you tube 

    jump rope.


    If you are allowed outside, go for a bike ride, run, hike, play tennis (singles) , practice sports with safe distances between you and anyone else. 

    search for workouts on YouTube. 

    Hope this helps! 

    Be Safe and Healthy,


    Coach Parashis 


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