Class Expectations and daily Exercise

  • Dear Class,


    WELCOME BACK to Dichiaro 2020-2021! We have an exciting year set up for you. Yes, this year will be different, new, probably a little confusing but we will get through it and have a great time doing so. 


    For Physical Education, We will start off this school year using a few different methods of teaching, Synchronous, Asynchronous then hybrid (in-person October 5). Basically Live Teaching online and assignments/projects posted.

    Synchronous Live Teaching-I will be live streaming with you during your PE Class times. I will lead you through stretches and warmups followed by a daily skill to learn. Everyone’s home set up is different so, we will probably not require a lot of equipment for our live sessions.  After the Live teaching component you have the opportunity to work on the skill on your own during the class and after.

    Asynchronous aka teaching done remotely but not live. I will be monitoring the work live.  For assignments that are given, the work will be due on the next day of Physical Education or when the due date is posted. Example-Exercise Log-If the direction is to do an exercise for a certain amount of time, then the student needs to write down that information in a activity log and submit it when it is due.

    Hybrid-October 5 is the districts start date for in person learning. Refer to for more information.


    Ok now that we have the terms learned, let’s get into what is needed to participate in Physical Education.


    1. Must have Sneakers either laced or tied.
    2. Must wear appropriate clothing for exercise (restrictive jeans or anything too stiff or tight is not the best option).
    3. Have some water nearby (no reason for Gatorade or other juices) Water is sufficient.
    4. Computer to be ready to log in before class starts
    5. Microphone OFF and video ON.
    6. We don’t have a lot of time so no silliness please.
    7. Hand in Assignments when due please.
    8. Try your best
    9. Be smart about your limits, don’t push it.
    10. Most Importantly-HAVE FUN while Being Safe!