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Mrs. Trippodo

Welcome to School 17 where "Learning is fun!

Dear Parents & Students,

  As we wind down and reflect over the last few months, I want to thank so many of you who truly worked so hard with your child on weekly assignments. There have been so many who rose to the occassion and caught your child up to speed with all his/her work. It has been my pleasure working so closely with you over these last few months.

Readworks.org  has some summer reading packets that are free to download if you need any extra work for your child this summer. Sign up as a parent. (It will ask you.)  It is on the home page for you to click. It will bring you right to the stories/activities. click here for website. There are grade level stories that are listed: "entering first grade"..."entering second grade"..."entering third grade", etc. If you are having trouble, type "summer reading packets in the search bar.

Also, please continue to use the "useful websites" I have listed below. They are great to view at any time. Storyline Online is my favorite. Great just for pleasurable reading!

There is also a summer reading assignment for all grades on the YPS Homepage that students are required to work on over the next few months!

Aside from all this, I am also posting some activities your children can work on! Summer reading is important. The numbers don't lie. Students who read over the summer gain an average of one month of reading proficiency. Students who don't read, lose an average of 2-3 months proficiency and over time, those lost months add up to years.

Click on the links below for some fun activities:




Summer Bingo

READsquared -Summer Reading Program offered by the Yonkers Pubic Library


Please have students document all their assignments on the student work log 

Feel free to email me with any questions or concerns you may have@ lsantuzzi-trippodo@yonkerspublicschools.org

**I have attached a link for a reading log template in the "Assignments" tab.  (Grade 1-4) Your child should be reading 15 minutes each night and recording it on a reading log.  This can be any book of your choice. It can even be an audio book. You can print log or copy in a notebook.  On Fridays, please send me a picture via Class Dojo so I can see what you have done!!



*Click the link below for some activities that can be used at home! 

1.  When reading at home with your child...here are some ideas: Any book of your child's choice can be used with these activities! (Click to the left<<)

2. Reading Response activities-These various activities can also be filled out after reading any fiction/non-fiction book.

3. There are different levels of Dolch Sight words. Click <<to the left to have your child practice.  Also there are available sheets where you can record and keep track of your child's      progress. 

4. Covid19 Time Capsule Activity- This is a great activity for grades 1 (with guidance) and up. It will be very memorable to look back on in years to come.


**Useful Websites** 

Here are some useful websites to use at home with your child. In the  future,  I may assign work from here: I will be updating with more useful websites to hopefully increase fluency and comprehesion. It would be a great idea to visit these sites a few times a week to become familiar with all the helpful tools that are out there.

Starfall K-1st Teaches reading through games, videos, songs phonics.

Kidzone K-5th grade printable worksheets to help with phonics, creative writing, and other content areas.

Typing Club Practice typing to prepare for State exams (CBT)

Harry Potter Reading Club (4th grade and up...great activities) writing activities

Storyline Online  Students can choose a story from a large collection and have it read to them. EXCELLENT!

Between the Lions K-2 videos from PBS media. Read along folktales and fables with a twist. (Phonological awareness.)

IXL ELA - (PreK-6th)Pick the grade your child is in to see the wide range of skills. Click!! Next, pick a strategy. Click!! Do the activity!! Interactive!!


Thank you again for all your cooperation:)  Enjoy your sunmmer and stay safe everyone!!

Mrs. Trippodo