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Welcome Back to Speech & Language!


Speech Therapy

All students will be given a ‘Speech Folder’ and a data sheet to be kept inside the folder.  Reinforcement activities will be assigned as needed and upon request. Reinforcement activities will be due back the week after which it is assigned.  Please review the words/work sent home (have your child read and/or repeat the words after you) and then place it back in the folder.  Please feel free to write any comments on your child’s Reinforcement activities.

*Please practice their speech sound/words a few minutes daily.  They don’t have to be the words I send home (they can be classroom work/words if easier).  Daily practice and carryover at home makes a significant difference in their progress.  


Language Therapy

Students will be pulled out into my room according to their IEP mandates. The focus will be on their IEP goals and educational relevance with their curriculum.  Receptive/expressive/pragmatic language skills are addressed in a variety of methods.  We will be using reading passages, worksheets and games to address recall of details, following directions, sentence structure and social communication.  I will typically not send homework home with these students because they are already asked to complete some within their classroom setting.  My role is to help remediate skill deficits and teach strategies that will assist them in being able to handle the rigor in the general education setting and with the curriculum. (If you would like additional activities to complete at home or have any questions, please feel free to contact me). 

I look forward to working in partnership with you this year to meet the needs of your child.   You will receive an AGPR (annual goal progress report) each quarter along with the report card documenting progress towards their IEP goals and objectives.  

 Mrs. Ross-Spano


  Speech-Language Pathologist, MS, SLP


914-376-8645 ext. 1525