Transportation Information

  • Per NYSED guidance school bus transportation is an extension of the classroom and services should be provided to all students with consistency and equity. Each district will be required to: perform regular school bus disinfection measures; train school bus staff regarding social distancing on the bus, at stops, and at unloading times; and train staff regarding the wearing of masks. Students will wear face coverings and practice social distance on buses. Districts will continue to provide transportation to homeless students, students in foster care, those who attend religious, independent or charter schools – and those with disabilities – just as they always have.

    Transportation is provided in accordance with Yonkers Board of Education policy and New York State Education Department regulations and guidelines. The school bus is an extension of the classroom. The Yonkers Public Schools Transportation Department contributes to student achievement by ensuring that our students have a safe and reliable means of getting to and from school as well as school related activities. Bus stops may be up to half-mile from the student’s home. Selection of safe bus stops is the District’s responsibility, but the safety of children traveling to and from the stops is the responsibility of the parent or guardian, just as if the child were walking to and from school. Scheduled pick-up and drop-off times are estimated and may vary from day to day.

  • Family Communication

    Communication of information for transportation will follow the process outlined in the Communication/Family and Community Engagement section of this plan, which notes comprehensive information is available www.

    Busing and Student Transportation COVID-19 risk levels:

    No minimal Community Spread

    • School busing operations proceed normally with adopted COVID-19 protocols and face coverings
    • No changes to schedules or seating patterns on the buses are required

    Minimal to Moderate Community Spread

    • All students, bus drivers and bus monitors must wear acceptable face coverings at all times on school buses (entering, exiting and seated)
    • Windows should be open when possible and conditions allow
    • Unloading of buses should be staggered to minimize mixing of students as they enter school to allow six feet of distance between students while entering through designated entry points
    • Seats and handrails should be wiped down with approved disinfectant

    Substantial Community Spread

    • All busing operations are suspended
    • Special education busing will be assessed/accommodated as needed

    Cleaning and Disinfection

    School buses must be cleaned and disinfected regularly; high contact spots will be wiped down after each am and pm run.

    • Implement bus sanitizing process, using CDC/DOH recommended products
    • Inform families of cleaning/disinfecting products used, to avoid possible allergic reactions
    • When temperatures are above 45 degrees, school buses drivers should transport passengers with roof hatches or windows slightly opened to provide air flow and improve ventilation

    Social Distancing at Stops, on Bus, at Unloading/Loading

    • Social distancing guidelines will be applied to standard passengers buses, passengers vans and wheelchair accessible vehicles
    • When feasible a bus monitor will be assigned to a general education route to accompany the driver on all transportation routes to ensure safety and social distancing
    • Signage will be posted on school buses to reinforce social distancing and hygiene rules
    • For student drop off or pick up drivers will remain in their vehicles, to the extent possible
    • Provide signage, demonstrating the rules for bus/transportation • Update District protocol for the use of a harness and/or passive restraint

    Face Coverings

    • All students, bus drivers and bus monitors must wear acceptable face coverings at all times on school buses (entering, exiting and seated)
    • In the event a student is not wearing a face covering at an assigned bus stop, Yonkers Public Schools will provide the contracted bus vendor with a supply of disposal face masks
    • Accommodations for students who are unable to wear a face covering will be addressed according to that student’s particular need and in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations (Refer to Appendix I: Health and Safety)

    Staff Training

    • School bus drivers, monitors, nurses and students must not carry personal bottles of hand sanitizers with them on the school buses
    • Provide social distancing training and training about the health and safety guidelines to bus monitors and drivers
    • Train 1:1 Aides to work with more impaired students
    • Make training videos from bus companies available to parents by posting on the schools’ website
    • Develop training video addressing issues generally covered in First Time Riders/Practice Run
    • Implement Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) practices on vans, to help maintain positive behavior